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Frustration Leads to Nothing!

There is no ideal weight loss target per week.

Everyone is different and we all lose weight or gain strength at our own pace. There’s no right or wrong way if you end up losing a kg a week that really won’t mean that you lose 52 kgs in the whole year, right? The scale just won’t go down every day or every week and that’s okay the same with weight training which is even slower.

Your lifts won’t go up in a linear manner every week so if you fuss over it too much then you want to get frustrated with the slow rate of progress and in some ways it spikes in the opposite direction as well you may gain weight one week in a fat loss program or perhaps be a massive spend decline. It’s still nothing to worry about trust me, it’s normal so just keep going.

The key is to relax and understand that progress will never be linear just like everything else in life. So don’t let the weighing scale or any other indicators such as the lift, the strength, the instinct, the mirror or even your clothes dictator emotion or your life. Keep going and keep moving in the right direction.

Trust me, that needle will begin to move once again.

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