Breaking The ‘I Workout So I Can Enjoy Life’ Myth

Workout Myth

Many of us are in that mode where I work out so I enjoy life !

Eight or ten people we probably know hit the gym really hard so that they can literally ‘enjoy life’ and eat anything they want. This is good if they’re already in good shape, right? And are perfectly fine with their body image and eat because they enjoy great food in moderation, aka, what we call, ‘Alpha Living’ at Alpha Coach. Now this is bad if they aren’t where they want to be and they’re always in a diet and fat loss mode and have a ‘binge-while-I-can’ attitude towards food and drink. And this is especially terrible because this behavior leads to complete fractured food and body image with them. 

In a sense they are forever training ‘to lose’ and bingeing to live it up more. The simpler method would probably be to follow a plan that allows some proof for error, a buffer that allows you to go longer and see long term results. Track your calories, track your progress, weight, inches, photos, etc. accurately and diligently. If your progress is good, maybe half a kg a week, then amazing, keep that up. If you progress too slowly, just continue that for two weeks more and if you see no change at all then reduce your calories slightly. 

Now if your progress is too fast and you’re not really happy about it, you’re not feeling good and full about your food, then maybe add back some of those calories. And keep doing that until you hit your goal. That’s it. 

What do most of us end up doing? 

We end up eating back all calories we burned in the gym rather than training consistently and eating in moderation. And this discipline comes over time.

It’s literally that simple.

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