How to start your Fitness Journey? Is WFH taking a toll on your fitness goals?

start fitness journey

The work-from-home scenario has made it difficult for people to keep a track of their fitness. Hence, we at Alpha Coach adopted a very systematic and adaptable approach that smoothens your fitness journey and makes it amicably fruitful.

We all are somewhere aware of how to keep ourselves fit. Eat Healthily, Exercise, Sleep Well and do everything else we read, hear or talk about. However, what most of us lack is “Consistency”. Knowing what is to be done is quite easy but building consistent habits isn’t. Consistency leads to a disciplined lifestyle and that requires a lot of effort.

Most of us already know what to do to lead a healthy lifestyle and get into shape. Be more active, exercise regularly, make healthier food choices and get enough sleep. However, what most people lack is consistency. Knowing what needs to be done is easy, but building habits lead to consistent action, and that takes effort. This reset phase focuses on building sustainable, healthy habits over time. Each habit is broken down into easily executable steps made exclusively around your lifestyle and existing habits. In our coaching process, trainees will spend four to six weeks focusing on building these habits. We know that committing to a lifestyle Change is hard and joining a coaching program isn’t’ easy. Change is hard, we get it. This is why we have curated a simple but powerful two week Get Set Zero program. For those of you who are on the fence about fitness. In this 14 day program, we hand hold you and help you press that reset button and get you rolling. We begin by adding some activity and exercises each day and making a few healthier food choices.
Every week, you’ll be given more habits to follow and in 14 days, we’re sure that you’ll be more confident and excited to take that leap of faith and make a commitment towards your long term health and fitness goals.

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