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You Cannot Out-Exercise A Bad Diet

You’ve probably heard that “you cannot out-exercise a bad diet”

While this saying has some merit, you may wonder whether diet or exercise is more important for health goals like weight loss or improved heart health.

To lose weight you must be in a calorie deficit, meaning your body expends more calories than you consume. This can be achieved by eating and drinking fewer calories, burning more calories from physical activity, or a combination of the two.

Eg. It is easier to consume 500 calories less than your daily intake than it is to burn off an excess of 500 calories as a lot of time and effort goes into doing the latter. The latter is extremely taxing on the body and not sustainable. One would have to spend an hour cycling to burn 525 calories.

But if the calorie deficit could be obtained by just cutting out the 1 Veg Maharaja Mac and 1 medium fries from McDonald’s from their daily diet, they would be in a deficit of 1105 calories. Imagine that, for a couple of seconds. All your hard work – burning 525 calories – washed away thanks to one maharaja mac and 1 medium fries.

The solution?

An easy way to manage calorie intake and promote weight loss calories is to focus on eating whole, minimally processed foods that are high in fiber, appropriate amounts of protein from optimum muscle growth and recovery, as well as adequate healthy fats for optimal hormone function.

So this, along with vigorous aerobic and resistance training is what will enable an individual to progress towards transforming themselves physically/visually, as well as improve their overall health markers.

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