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Here’s Why Metabolism Matters

Let me start with something with an almost ubiquitous allure – DOES METABOLISM MATTER FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT AND HEALTH RELATED GOALS ❓

I’d be an educated fool to say it doesn’t. That’s 8 standard biology 🧫 The body’s metabolic ability to modulate external input and internal output of energy during its entire lifespan, is the essence of Life itself. All machines known to man have been derived from this very magical mechanism 

But to what extent does the play out in weight management ? And is our current understanding even close to being right ? 📚 It depends where we chose to take our information about this subject. For someone who has studied this formally, I assure you if your understanding of metabolism improves, the way you see it will change for the better

👉Metabolism as we are made to believe, is not a FAST vs SLOW toggle switch. Rather, it’s a flexible mechanism, that adapts from time to time

👉 Metabolism reacts to the temperature around us, to the energy/signalling/breakdown need and primarily to the actions we take towards the body

👉The practical way to understand metabolism, is to know that it aims for survival need of the organism, and not the vanity desire we have

👉 Metabolism in the form of an output number (the untenable BMR or RMR values) is actually only theoretically correct. It can mislead us into believing that on paper math can purge us of our problems 

Unless someone has severe pathological deficits to their hormones, metabolism will not pose a threat to attaining one’s goals

The biggest takeaway I can suggest –

Don’t strive for a FAST metabolism ❌

Strive for a HEALTHY one ✅

Meaning ? Someone with a metabolic number of 3800 kcal can have an unhealthy one whilst someone with a 1450 kcal can have a healthier one

Slow and fast are an antediluvian way of categorising metabolism. The more scientifically accurate way is to see it as an adaptive one always trying to remain healthy 🧬

So what role does it play in maintaining good health ? The sooner we understand this, the better we can align our efforts towards achieving it.

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you eat into energy. This energy is then used by your body to perform essential functions like breathing, circulating blood, and repairing cells. A healthy metabolism is important for good health because it helps to regulate your body weight, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and support overall energy levels.

Here are some ways in which a healthy metabolism can help with good health:

  1. Weight management: Metabolism plays a key role in maintaining a healthy weight. When your metabolism is functioning optimally, it can help you burn calories more efficiently and prevent weight gain. Additionally, a healthy metabolism can help you maintain muscle mass, which is important for overall health.
  2. Blood sugar control: A healthy metabolism helps to regulate blood sugar levels by converting glucose from food into energy. This can help prevent conditions like diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  3. Energy production: Metabolism is responsible for producing energy for your body’s essential functions. A healthy metabolism ensures that your body has the energy it needs to perform these functions optimally.
  4. Immune system function: Metabolism also plays a role in supporting the immune system. It helps produce white blood cells, which are essential for fighting off infections and diseases.

Overall, a healthy metabolism is essential for good health. Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep are all important for supporting a healthy metabolism.

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