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Tips to stay fit during Chirstmas holidays

Christmas Fitness Tips

There is something wonderful about Christmas. If you haven’t realised already, Christmas is just around the corner. However, staying fit over Christmas and New Year might be challenging! Especially if you’ve been working out for months. It makes you panic just thinking about all the food and drinks. Also, the prospect of your hard work being undone in a few days is unsettling.

So how do you stop that from happening and stay fit for Christmas?

Are you able to enjoy the holiday period without completely trashing your diet? Could you eat all that good food with everyone else instead of eating out of Tupperware and reheating your chicken and rice?

The answer is YES.

” I’ll resume my routine in January.”

During the holidays, it’s common to fall off the health and fitness wagon.
Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, there’s an abundance of food, festivities, and alcohol that can throw you off course.

Regardless of how you go about it, temptation lurks at every turn, and maintaining a calorie deficit may be challenging. So here are my 5 top tips to help you stay fit over the holidays. Make the holiday season worry-free and guilt-free by following these tips.

So let’s start unwrapping this early Christmas present…

Make smart food choices.

The holiday season will leave you with many obligations, but overeating isn’t one of them. Make sure you spoil your appetite before you head out to dinner or a holiday party. It will prevent you from inhaling all the holiday treats. So you don’t show up starving, eat a snack an hour or two before the meeting. It’s easier to make poor food choices when you’re hungry. Take a snack, see what foods are available, and then choose based on your craving and desire. Fill half of your plate with vegetables. Then take the other half of your plate and split it into two parts, one for carbs and the other half for protein. These are perfect portions to be satisfied, satiated, not stuffed.

Stay hydrated

While we hate to ruin your holiday mellow, drinking water is a healthy strategy for holiday gatherings. Drink eight glasses of water every day.
We often feel hungry, tired, and sluggish when we lack adequate hydration. The result can be missing workouts, eating unhealthy foods, and drinking too much caffeine. Drinking water before reaching for a snack should be your goal every time. Setting limits on alcoholic beverages is also a good idea.

It is important to limit your intake of empty calories like alcohol, which is pure sugar and has no nutritional value. You don’t have to stay away from spiked eggnog or holiday cocktails. It will help if you drink wisely. Drinking alcohol during the holidays is part of the ‘spirit.’ I suggest limiting your intake. Try a glass of wine, and if you still want alcohol. Feeling deprived is the last thing you want, but why give into temptation?

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as well. The easiest way to do this is to alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about feeling good. It sets you up for success.

Make sure you sleep even if you have holiday travel plans. Even when traveling, try your best to maintain your regular bedtimes and wake times.
A relaxing bedtime routine can help. It can assist your mind and body in transitioning from wakefulness to sleep.
It’s not good for anyone’s body to run ragged during the holidays.
Don’t stay up late or wake up early to accomplish more. It’s better to get all of your sleep at night. A well-rested person gets more done and does it better.

Think outside the gym

Your nearest treadmill may be miles away. So you’ll need to get creative if you’re on a regular fitness schedule.

After big meals in the kitchen, you should squeeze in some walks.
We travel from city to city to see friends and family during the holiday season.
Due to this, gym access may be difficult. Instead, incorporate bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, shoulder taps, and burpees into your fitness program.

No matter how small the amount of exercise is, try to get it in.
Modifying or condensing a workout is better than skipping it. You can keep off unwanted pounds during the holiday season by doing smaller workouts.

Don’t wait until January.

When it comes to eating well and staying active during the holidays, a few bumps don’t have to turn into a train wreck. So get back on track as soon as possible.
Don’t wait for Monday or the new year to return to your exercise schedule or healthy eating plan. Instead, get back on track right away.

To stay on track, make healthy choices regarding food and incorporate movement into your daily routine. Stay active, and remember that moderation is the key. Additionally, make sure to get enough sleep, practice stress-reducing activities, and focus on making healthy choices most of the time.

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