A lot of people treat December as an excuse to let go of their healthy habits. Even though Christmas is just one day, most of us turn it into a vacation week. They tend to eat like there’s no tomorrow… When January comes, they will turn their lives around – at least, that’s what they tell themselves!

But you are different. You’re going to get the best out of this year, without sacrificing your favorite foods. Here are top 4 tips to build momentum into 2022, and get a head start!

  • Boost your willpower

With an endless supply of tasty food that you rarely eat, it’s tempting to say: “Well, I only eat it around this time of the year…” However, when is it enough? Instead of eating everything you rarely eat, turn down “some” of those snacks to boost your willpower. When you binge eat, all the food you don’t necessarily need only makes you feel guilty afterwards. So, step in your power and turn down a few goodies every now and then. Your future self will thank you for it!

  • Liver recovery

Drinking alcohol, consuming refined sugars, processed foods, and late nights will put some pressure on your liver. Be conscious about what you consume. Support and nourish your liver by increasing protein intake – this keeps you full, reduces your sugar cravings, and there’s less room for alcohol. Drinking a glass of water in between meals and alcohol helps too.

  • Avoid “cheat meals”

There’s nothing more toxic than the word “cheat meal”. Most people forget that food is nothing more than just that…food. Stop feeling guilty or stressed about “cheating.” Stress is deadlier than dessert, so be kind to yourself. Eat, drink, and enjoy your food in moderation.

  • Keep your momentum going

No matter how much you drank or ate last night, make sure you get some movement in. This helps to get your blood flow started again. We all know that life happens outside the gym, and that we all deserve some rest days. But, when you increase your calorie intake, make sure you commit to some sort of movement throughout the day. This way you’ll burn some fat during the holidays, and find it easier to get back on track after. Try a variety of long walks, bike rides, or some sport.

These tips will help regulate your weight, keep your guilt at bay, and allow you to enjoy the holidays with ease.

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