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How to Improve your relationship with food & exercise

Improve relationship with food and exercise


The Holiday Fitness trend is a result of people having a bad relationship with food and exercise, and good food, bad food mindset. Fitness is a journey, and the trends in fitness are constantly evolving.

Vishnu and Ketan are looking extra lean, and they’ve both been practicing what they’ve preached. They’ve both worked on themselves, and they’re both honest men.

We will discuss holiday fitness and how to develop sustainable habits for the holiday season and long-term fitness. Are 21-day and 45-day fitness bodies sustainable?

Setting goals

As long as you know that a 21-day challenge is a short-term kickstart to a longer journey, and not a way to get you to look a certain way, then it’s fine to use a 21-day challenge. Vishnu said it’s a good start, but there are many things we miss out on personally when we’re just getting warmed up in those 21 or 45 days.

Your body is a machine

A 21-day, 45-day, whatever challenge, a seven-day diet or detox, anything that gets you started could be like jumping and starting your car once, but you can’t do that time and again.

If you treat your body as well as you would your car, then I think it can run at peak performance. And the 21-day challenges are a nice start, but the journey from there on is long term.

”It’s the holiday season, man, it’s the party season, and a lot of people want to have a drink or two and enjoy their food.”’

Getting lean for a photoshoot

To get into that sort of shape, you have to push yourself to the limit mentally and physically. There are a few things you should not take. When you’re trying to get fit, you want to be able to have fun and enjoy the foods you like. However, you don’t want to completely fall off the wagon, so you need to find a good mix.

The bad food mindset

The fear around food comes from having a bad relationship with food and exercise in general, and good food, bad food mindset. If you look at fitness as a long journey and festive seasons are a small percentage of this journey, you can afford to have fun.

When the holiday season comes, you’re out of the diet mindset and into the lifestyle mode, so Saturday night is your big binge night.

Binge night

If you eat four meals a day, which is one snack and the three main meals three square meals as they call it, that’s one meal out of 28 meals, right? If you eat 40 meals a week, it’s all gone.

The problem I personally feel with Shady Fitness is primarily that I have done it and I have developed hate towards food. Eventually, I found a balance and my relationship with food improved.

I spoke about a very important point about sleep, and how not sleeping can really screw you. People who get lesser sleep are 55 percent more prone to obesity.


If you’re spending your whole night scrolling through Instagram or social media or watching videos and not sleeping, it will affect your circadian rhythm and your hormonal balances, which will have an impact on your fat loss, fitness, and general health in general.

In July, we were working on the product and closing out fundraising, and we were due to do a shoot in August. I remember at that point in time my coach in Alpha Coach told me to cut down my steps by 5133, stop my strength training, and go out and sleep an extra three hours every single day.

After not having anything for three weeks, I lost half a kg in three days. It was just one missing piece of it, and I think strong willpower is something that will take you a long way.

Mark Zuckerberg wears the same clothes because it removes decision fatigue, which is similar to exercising willpower.

Instead of watching a Tv show, you might watch Youtube and learn something. Everything requires some willpower, so instead of wiping, what I have grown to learn is that you need systems that are non-negotiable.

Saying that your system is the anchor to your day, your pre-workout, your this that, your gym, your nutrition, and your work is your system, and if you can keep that outside of your mind space, you actually want it.

Alpha Coach has a three-month program, and they promise a completely drastic makeover.

Program Structure

We have three six and one-year programs, and people start off with a three-month program to get a taste of the product, build skills to have sustainable lifestyles, and fitness habits, and get a taste of coaching.

Yola recommends trying out the program for three months to get a feel of it and continuing for six to 12 months to solidify the habits.


Three months is the established standard of people understanding that this is a fitness program, so we make it easy for them to buy into it. We tell them to commit at least maybe 4, 6, or 12 months, whatever it takes, and everybody’s different.

If you’re willing to give fitness one year, that’s two percent of an investment for the rest of your life. If that’s the trade-off, people will start to change their minds and say that they will keep maintaining it.


Ketan has his meals delivered, but in Indian homes, it’s probably not feasible to get meals delivered. That’s where the hyper-personalization concept comes from, and why different people would take different time frames to set and do that.

Health and Fitness

Taking care of your health and fitness helps you spiritually, and it also makes you rich. But the equation is not very simple, because all the billionaires in the world would have been absolutely fit having the other way around.

To fit 20-pound steps into a day, you must build strong systems and structures. And to be able to fit that work into the day, you need to get out of bed early.

You need to wake up early, not stay scrolling on social media, late at night, and so on, work well, and make sure you have access to healthy food so you’re not tempted, and then you can take on other areas of your life effectively.

I think discipline and structure train your mind to be able to do better, and that eventually leads to more financial success. It’s definitely helped me professionally, and it’s allowed me to be more resilient when things were not looking so great.

I think taking care of yourself, investing in yourself, and developing good habits help you build a certain system, which helps you take on more difficult or rather challenging experiences in life. This helps you emotionally and financially eventually, and everyone’s financial handling capacity is very different.

Carryover effect

I don’t have much to say about the spiritual aspect of fitness in general, but being fit and healthy will make you feel good and will have a carryover effect on all other aspects of life. We work hard to buy time for ourselves. We go on vacation, we buy a new car, and we retire to have a great time with ourselves.

If you don’t have the health to enjoy your time, you can’t go for a track, go for a walk, or play with your grandkids. This becomes the ultimate motivator for you to work on your health.

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