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Becoming a multifaceted Fitness Entrepreneur

Building base for a solid online group training/coaching model

Why is it needed? What are the current pain points for Fitness experts (coaches, creators, trainers etc)

  • One on one Coaching loses scalability at a point
  • The Path as a professional fitpreneur needs to be multi faceted
  • This allows for constant revenue streams without having to rely on just Advertising generated revenue
  • Sharpens skill sets needed to be a well rounded fitness professional


From personal experience and learning from people around me, there have been a few major learnings that I will share below. These have helped me scale my work and and allowed me to develop more skills sets overtime 

Becoming a good online fitness coach requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and personal traits.

Acquire purposeful Knowledge: Get a strong understanding of the purpose behind exercise and nutrition. This will help you design effective and safe fitness programs for your clients and allow them to see the purpose behind your prescription WITH EASE. The nuances matter, but they matter when they don’t come at the cost of simplicity.

Build your Skills: Develop your communication and coaching skills, as well as your ability to motivate and inspire others. Practice demonstrating exercises, giving clear instructions, and adjusting form. This cannot come without you training yourself well, and having a large sample set you have trained. Thus it’s important to start even with the smallest possible group.

Develop a Niche: Trying to effectively communicate your niche is a great boost to having people learn from you. Specialise in a specific area of fitness, such as strength training for women,  fitness and weight loss for women, support circle for women. This will help you stand out in a crowded market and attract clients who are looking for someone with your expertise and they develop a liking towards you.

Create a Professional Image: This needs to go beyond an attractive social media. Having ENGAGEMENT is not the same as creating a strong funnel for monetisation of your skills. Be out there talking about your professional service rather than plan sermons on emphatic topics. Something that I realised personally in 2018. People wont remember you for your service, if they only are habituated to free content and nuggets of fancy motivation.

Connect with your Clients: Build rapport and establish trust with your clients by listening to their needs and goals, and adapting your coaching style to meet their individual needs. Stay in touch with them regularly to keep them engaged and motivated.

Continuously Learn and Grow skill sets : We don’t have to study everything under the sun, but keep refreshing just the basics. That’s all there is needed to be a great online coach/trainer. How we keep learning new skills is crucial though, in order to take on interpersonal space with clients.

How to apply this all ? 

  • The dedication of effort to take this up needs to be purposeful. It must be executed with a lot of zeal and consistency
  • Creating purpose and niche for clients, that makes them feel safe
  • We have to work on being structured with recurring communication on media to establish a better online service presence
  • We have to capitalise on this niche and communicate it to more people via social media
  • Structure of classes and exercise programming was fantastic !! right expectations were set 

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