Self love starts from within – Alpha Coach

Remember when you were younger, you wanted to only play and run around. You wanted to paint, dance, read, explore, and be the best at what you were doing.
And then life happened! More work piled up the more you grew older. All those hobbies started fading away. The running and playing sports slowly got replaced by deadlines and meetings that were no more stimulating than literally staring at an empty wall. Is this a good life? Is this what you set yourself out to be? Just to sit and work all day for something that you are not even happy or proud about? Is this the highest quality of life you could achieve?

Life is so much more than just sitting in an office and working your time away into the drudgery of staying back for late nights in the office (if you do this, you need to help yourself out of that situation).

YOU are capable of all the things you did when you were younger, and you deserve to keep doing them. All those games that you played, all those hobbies you practiced, everything! Also, you deserve to cut off those aches and pains and body fat that has developed over time, without you wanting it. And the best news is, this can all be reversed into non-existence. You have that capability in you.

Being healthy is not only about being physically fit but also is about being a mentally fit and enthusiastic person; someone who looks forward to positive things in life. For that, you need to disconnect from work.

And the foundation of that disconnectivity is to get physically active so that you can enjoy the fruits of life – sleeping well, walking/running, training, playing sports, dancing, meditating, painting, reading – doing all the activities you did as a kid. Being physically active releases a bunch of good hormones (dopamine) and endorphins – the ones that make you feel really happy and proud. Like you accomplished something hard, something that will have long-lasting positive effects on your mood and your overall quality of life. This is what transcends into a mentally healthier and happier life too.

Maybe you had postural, or some joint issues. Maybe you need to work up a sweat (physically work/exercise your body) and release all the pent-up negative energies developed at work. Maybe you wanted to look better but you were unable to provide the right quality and quantity of food to your body. The right amount of rest and recovery. The right amount of physical activity that the body so desperately craves for.

“Being more capable” is directly proportional to how you take care of yourself, how you nourish yourself, how you spend your time doing what you love- or finding what you love doing. Imagine, if your relative or loved one was going through the same issues, would you tell them to double down on work or rather go work out/exercise to release the stress? Then ask yourself “Why won’t I do it for myself?”

So, take a step back from what you are already doing that’s not helping you. And start working towards making a better you. A happier, healthier, fitter you.

Remember, self love starts from within.

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