How to find Best Personal Trainer in Mumbai

How to find Best Personal Trainer around you

The world of fitness and nutrition has an endless supply of “fitness coaches” and “personal trainers” but what makes a coach/trainer “good?” And as a client, of course you want the best coach to supervise what you’re doing. So how do you find a good personal fitness trainer or coach?

1) First and foremost, you need to vet coaches based on their background – have they been studying the art of personal fitness coaching, have they been formally educated in strength and conditioning, have they studied anatomy, body mechanics/kinesiology, nutrition? How are their people skills?

2) Are they empathetic in nature or do they only know how to push you aggressively beyond your capabilities? Personal Fitness Trainers have a big responsibility of educating and nurturing their clients to become independent and aware of how to correctly perform movement patterns, how to eat, how to rest and recover.

Can they put themselves in your shoes? Have they walked the talk? Do they have the capability to understand what you – specifically – are going through?

3) A very important factor to consider – have they been able to deliver results? A lot of personal trainers in mumbai claim to be “transformation specialists.” Have they really done that? Do you think they have the right knowledge and pedigree to do so?

4) Do other people also speak well of the coach in question? What is their review like? Obviously, word travels fast – even when finding a coach to train under. At the end of the day, people will go to a personal trainer only if other people claim that the trainer is good overall. So figure what your trainer’s review is like. Is he reputed?

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