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More Sweat Causes Weight Loss: Fact or Myth?

Sweating Weight Loss

In fitness, fat loss has always been a hot topic that never fails to top the list. We often hear a few arguments regarding what could be the ultimate sorcerer’s stone to remove unwanted fat from our bodies. But unfortunately, a common myth prevails that if you sweat more, you will burn more fat.

It is only sometimes valid if there are the right processes involved. But why do people have such illusions, and does it have a scientific reason? Let’s dig deeper and find out what’s cooking!

Why Do We Sweat?

Everybody sweats. It’s essential to your body’s cooling system and keeps you from overheating.

Sweating is not directly proportionate to fat loss. Sweating more after a workout or sweating a lot generally has nothing to do with fat loss. Although if you work out right, you will sweat. There could be many reasons you are sweating, and that necessarily does not include your muscular movements. Your environment, physical factors, and emotional aspects might alter when and why you sweat.

For instance, you might sweat if it’s hot. Or you might be tense and nervous for a particular reason, which might also make you sweat. Both these factors will not include fat loss from your body. Instead, sweating is your body’s way of cooling off when the temperature rises.

A few other conditions that might affect sweating are as follows:

  • Consuming spicy food
  • Your genes
  • A fever
  • Hormonal change
  • Diabetes
  • Medication
  • Thyroid
  • An infection
  • Cardiovascular irregularities.

Sweat is composed of mostly water and minerals such as sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, besides our body’s biological byproducts such as lactic acid and urea.

So, technically, more than fat loss, your body loses water when sweating. Also, if you sweat way too often than usual, it is your body’s low water retention capacity, which might require the frequent urge to drink water. Although seeking medical attention is unnecessary unless there is any noticeable change that can cause discomfort.

Sweating And Fat Loss

Sweating and fat loss could be directly proportional only if your body receives proper movements that include fat loss. For example, it could be working out, running, dancing, yoga, aerobics, bicycling, swimming, outdoor games, and other physical activities like household chores like cleaning, dusting, cooking, and more.

You must go through training, and a diet customised according to your body’s needs for a proper way to burn fat. Therefore, we recommend consulting experts before jumping into any random fitness routine.

Especially if you are going through any specific treatment, you might need special attention.

Lastly, physical exercises alone will only sometimes result in the desired fat loss. However, eating healthy food and exercising regularly and consistently will result in the expected weight loss. So, ensure you conduct enough research and listen to your body instead of believing in myths!

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