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Why Guidance is Important in your fitness journey

Fitness Journey Guidance

The world is completely online now. Based on today’s uncertainty, working out from the internet or some app is the easiest thing to do currently.

But why are so many people falling off the fitness trend when the accessibility to above-average fitness is so easy?

The obvious answer is that being consistent with a fitness and nutrition journey is really tough. Plus, it takes a lot of time and patience to see any type of results/progress.

There’s also a major reason why you can’t see changes in your fitness levels or body composition/physique and that is :


It’s relatively easy to figure out random movement patterns/exercises and just blindly follow some routine you see online uploaded by coaches like myself or some fitness influencer. It can seem like an interesting change in your fitness programming and that could be beneficial for having more options.

But is this new routine really helping you?

Specifically you and your goals?

Do 20 minutes of light activity subjective to your fitness levels really make a difference to your overall fitness journey?

Do they get you closer to your goals?

Are your goals even defined?

Anyone can program a workout if you know what the exercises/movement patterns are.

Anyone can recommend you to also cover a certain amount of steps and dedicate a portion of your time to doing cardio. You, yourself could create the workouts and diet plan. But is there any scientific foundation behind such workouts and nutrition?

Are you involving ‘progressive overload’ with proper form and technique, enough posterior chain exercises for posture correction, reaching a certain strength goal, maintaining adequate muscle mass?

Are you providing real, nourishing foods that help you recover and perform even better?

I see a lot of people actually workout by themselves. They run on the road, in the gym, do body-weight workouts, HIIT and other random workouts.

They think they are doing great. And honestly, kudos to them for even working out and taking control of their health and fitness. I’m here to tell those people that they are covering just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ with regards to the purpose of physical activity.

I’m here to tell people that they can do and be so much more – especially to those people who’ve been working out for a while and not seen adequate results.

All they need is a bit of structure. And how will they get structure in their fitness and nutrition journey?

To improve health and fitness, one needs a lot of guidance – regardless of their experience. You think us coaches just always had this knowledge and these fitness levels? Of course not. We were also unaware and lost. No one is different in that sense. You need someone who imparts knowledge and guidance in order for you to reach your true potential.

There has to be a WHY behind WHAT you are doing.

And that’s the problem, with this information overload, we basically end up learning virtually nothing and implementing nothing.

If you are someone who’s ‘been there, done that’ with regards to all types of workouts and seen negligible results in your nutrition/body composition/physique, then YOU need structure and professional guidance. And that can be in any sphere – fitness, nutrition, implementing (a) good lifestyle/habits.

You need someone who has dedicated their life to learning and mastering the vast subjects that are nutrition and physical fitness. Someone who has dealt with several individuals and helped them achieve their goals.

Imagine the sense of achievement and happiness you’d feel when they help you smash your goals.

So, leave your ego to the side. Go find that person who walks the talk: and rather helps you walk with him towards success.

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