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Want to Lose 10-12kgs In a Month?? Dont !

Lose weight in month

Ever seen the body of your favourite celebrity showing off their toned flawless body, selling a product to look thin, fit, good or even look fair. Ever seen those gym ads, showing people with six pack abs & sharing stories of people who have lost 5kgs in one week, from super fat to super thin? I’m sure you have, unless you live in a cave.

And so you get super motivated to change the way you look & start exercising.

Some achieve their goals of losing weight by going on extreme diet plans, while some just give up halfway as they expected better results in the time they could manage.

In both cases, the consequences of trying to look good, usually leads to a bad experience & perception about getting fit


So how does one break free from this toxic chain??

The problem lies in our idea & perspective about health & fitness. The current health & fitness market has chosen to focus only on aesthetics or looks. No one talks about how you should feel & perform to be healthy & fit. Which is what being healthy is all about. FEELING GOOD!


Let’s face it, getting that fit body is a long process. Which is why it is mentally draining if you focus 24/7 on your weight & how fast your body is changing.

By shifting your focus from aesthetics to performace, you are in a much better state mentally.

It makes progress simple to monitor & understand. For eg: your performance will let you know whether you are getting stronger or weaker. And if you are getting stronger, you are doing a lot of things right.

Whereas if you focus on looks, you can lose weight but feel miserable. Crash / extreme dieting being the biggest examples.


Most of the times, Fitness is sold to you as a crash course for looking good. Because it creates a market for expensive products & services.

Please understand that wanting to look good, puts you on a path of extreme approaches, that are more harmful than beneficial.

When you Drop those kilos too soon, much of it is muscle & water.

You then end up being skinny fat, a condition where you look thin and weigh less, majorly because you’ve low muscle mass but high body fat.

A complete disaster!! Because muscle is the epicenter of being toned, have a high metabolism & provide that anti-ageing effect you strive for.

Start seeing Health & Fitness as a Lifesaver, a Life Enhancer. If you are Exercising and feel that you are getting stronger, faster, more energetic with each passing weeks or month, then this path of “feeling” good will certainly lead you to “looking” good

So the next time you hear someone guarantee that they can drop your weight in a few days: RUN, RUN as far away from them and as fast as possible!!!

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