Why can’t I lose weight

Why can’t I lose weight

–  Achieving your goals can be difficult.

Some people try to lose weight their whole lives only to lose and gain the same five kilos over and over again. I myself have struggled with my weight for a longer period of my life.

Being overweight while desperately trying to lose weight, feeling lost and confused is a big part of why I am so passionate about helping others lose weight.

Therefore in this article, I’ll try to help answer the question “Why can’t I lose weight?”

So you can put your effort in the right areas to get the results you want.

There are five important steps to prevent weight loss. I’ve included tips on how you can stop your vicious circle, and start achieving your goals.

Why can’t I lose weight?

There are many reasons why it might be hard for you to lose weight…
But, pay attention to what I said: “It can be hard, NOT impossible.”

That is one of the first things I personally had to overcome…
The limiting beliefs that I was born with a typical Indian paunch.
I felt like I wasn’t able to lose weight.
I thought I was the only one that couldn’t be in shape.

I thought I was just destined to be fat. But this is clearly not true.

Here’s 4 reasons that might keep you away from losing weight.

1. You eat too much

Most people don’t eat nearly as healthily as they think they do.

There’s so much food to choose from, you might make the wrong decisions, even if it feels right. I’m sure we all have some examples of mistakes we have made.

 You might have a salad every day for lunch, but do you use salad toppings? dressing?

Certainly, a good salad is a “healthy” option and for getting fiber and protein. But you may also need to cut back on the calories.

It’s simply very unlikely that you’ll out-exercise a high-calorie diet.

If you don’t know how if you’re eating too much, tracking your food could be a great exercise to start with. Portion control is important when it comes to weight loss.

 In order to eat less, you should eat mindfully. Start with a smaller plate to decrease your serving size. Prioritize protein and vegetables to stay longer full. Eat without distractions and take a few breaths inbetween bites. Stop at 80% fullness.

2. You don’t get enough sleep

When you sleep, your body recovers. If you don’t recover well, you feel… Sleepy.

No rocket science so far…

But remember that when you’re tired, your body is much more likely to crave high-calorie foods.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want to eat more calories than necessary. So not enough sleep affects your food cravings, and that makes it harder to stick to your nutrition plan.

Also not getting the proper amount of rest can really mess with your metabolism.

Sleep is an important aspect of your life and optimal amounts are needed to allow your body to work effectively.

So make it a priority to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep! Did you know that 30 minutes less of sleep can result in an increased risk of weight gain? So make your sleep sacred!

3. You’re stressed out

If you’re stressed out, and frankly who isn’t these days, it can lead to high levels of cortisol. Now in small amounts, it’s not a problem to our bodies. The problem is that due to the society we live in, we are constantly under stress.

Not only does stress lead to more fat storage, but it will also increase cravings for fat, salt, and sugar. Making it harder to stick to your nutrition plan!

This stress can be physical, mental, emotional… Or a combination of any or all of them!

Therefore, find something that you enjoy doing. Do some meditation, or go for a brisk walk to unwind. Learn to eat mindfully and without distractions is one of the first things we teach our clients. It’s healthier for your mind and body!

4. Your genetics make it difficult.

I used to believe this was me. Now there’s some truth to that.

You might’ve noticed: Regardless of body fat, people are shaped differently.

And it turns out, where we store fat matters.

Don’t use this as the reason you aren’t where you want to be.

Instead, use it as knowledge to help you make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to earn the results you want.

If you still haven’t identified why you can’t lose weight, I’d like to offer you a free consultation call with one of our coaches. See, there’s a way longer list that holds you back from losing weight and achieving your goals. But then the article would be the size of a roll of toilet paper.

That’s why I rather offer you a personal call with one of our experts to get to the core of your problems.

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