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Barbell Push Press Alpha Coach

Barbell Push Press Exercise Steps:

Step 1:
Set a bar just below collar bone height on a rack.

Step 2:
Walk to the bar till your mid foot is directly under the bar. Walk out with the bar and take a slightly wider than shoulder width stance and keep the toes pointed out.

Step 3:
Hold the bar with slightly wider than shoulder width grip making sure the forearms and the elbows are vertical to the floor, and the bar is resting on the heel of your palm.

Step 4:
Take a deep breath in. Keep your chin tucked in. Do a quarter squat by pushing the hip back and knees out. Generate force from the hips and push the barbell overhead till the hands are fully extended. This has to be a quick explosive movement. Slowly bring the bar down in a straight line until bar touches the shoulder. Pause for a split second. Take a deep breath inside and repeat the movement.

Continue doing this till you reach your rep target.

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