Equipment to Start Strength Training at Home

home equipment for strength training

What equipment do you need to start strength training at home? This is probably the most asked question of everyone these days. If the space in your home allows, it’s a great idea to set up a home gym, but in most cases, this is not an option.

So here is a list of minimal investment setup that does not eat up so much space and is easily affordable:

  • Two pairs of dumbbells,
  • Three kettlebells of varied weights,
  • A set of mini bands,
  • One light pull up band and
  • An adjustable bench.

That’s all you need. The choice of weights should be purely based on your strength levels. For beginners, and even for intermediate trainees a pair of 3 kilograms, a pair of 8 kilograms dumbbells, and 8 kilogram, 12 kilogram and 20 kilogram single kettlebell would be a fantastic start.

If you are a stronger trainee, you can obviously choose heavier weights. Remember it’s not the number of equipment but your own will that matters. If you get this simple set of equipment you are good to go to set up a great strength training schedule for yourself.

So get set go, your set of minimal equipment is a mini gym in itself and will support you in your fitness journey in full capacity. Kudos to the fitter you!

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