Tummy Fat Burning Exercises Busting Popular Myths on Internet

tummy fat burning exercises

A major chunk of gym members quit within the first three months, after joining a gym. However, most people have high expectations when they first start and are unsure of which workouts to do to obtain their desired results.

One major goal for most trainees who start exercising at the gym is to get a flat tummy. As coaches, we get asked this question all the time: “ Which exercise should I do to burn tummy fat”.

A quick google search will have popular fitness websites suggesting movements like – plank, bicycle crunches, russian twists, and reverse crunches as a recipe for burning tummy fat.

But how true is this?

Coach Nikunj Rele bust some myths :

“Let’s remember that we cannot spot reduce fat – that is you cannot do one specific exercise to reduce fat around one body part”, says Coach Nikunj.

For fat loss, your body should burn more calories than you consume. And fat loss around the abdomen area (tummy area) will happen as a byproduct of this.

This requires you to exercise regularly and follow a structured nutrition plan. Along with exercise, you need to make sure that you are active throughout the day. Non-Exercise-Activity-Thermogenisis (NEAT), contributes to 25-30% of the total calories burnt by the body. A good way to increase NEAT is to go for daily walks and tracking your steps. Setting a step target and consistently hitting it will be a good start. If you are currently covering 5000 steps a day, push this to 7500 steps. If you are already at 7500 steps, push to 10,000 steps a day. Slowly work on increasing your daily activity.

Your nutrition plays a significant role in tummy fat loss. A one-size-fits all nutrition program does not work. You need to assess your nutrition requirements and make sure that you consume enough calories for your goals. Keep a food diary and track your total daily calorie intake. Create a small deficit of 15-20% of your current calorie consumption and see how you feel.

The solution to bringing down tummy fat is not the unlimited number of crunches as popular health magazines portray. The solution is:

1. Strength Training
2. Being active throughout the day
3. Eating mindfully
4. Eating in a calorie deficit.

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