TRX Pull Up Back Workout Guide – Alpha Coach

TRX Pull Up

TRX Pull Up Exercise Steps:

Step 1:
Set the TRX suspension trainer. Anchor, at a distance of 7 to 9 feet above ground. The straps should be fully shortened wearing, you can stand completely straight with your arms, bent and braced against your torso.

Step 2:
Kneel down and sit back on your haunches. Your head should be slightly behind the handles.

Step 3:
Grab hold of the TRX, handles with the Palms, facing each other. The arms should be fully extended at this point. Keep the chest up and pull the shoulder blades together.

Step 4:
Take a deep breath and pull your body all the way up to the point where the wrists are touching your mid chest level. Drive your body weight, through your toes, while pulling yourself up. Come back to the starting position in a slow controlled manner extending your elbow.

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